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How do you pursue a Career in Clinical Music Therapy?

How do you pursue a Career in Clinical Music Therapy?

Clinical Music Therapy

A Career in Clinical Music Therapy has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find information about What Clinical Music Therapy actually is. Most pages on the internet just talk about How to get into Clinical Music Therapy. In my quest to learn more about a Career in Clinical Music Therapy, I found this amazing page:


Hemant Kanojia’s point of view!

With 14 years & 7 months of professional experience, Hemant Kanojia understands Clinical Music Therapy. Hemant Kanojia has worked in Clinical Music Therapy as Clinical Music Therapist in Various Assignements. In Hemant Kanojia’s own words, this is how Hemant Kanojia got into Clinical Music Therapy: “After doing my schooling from Harcourt Butler Senior Secondary school Delhi, I did BA (Mathematics Core) from Delhi University. Thereafter, I did my Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Music Therapy from The Music Therapy Trust, Delhi and later, I did certification course in Marketing & Sales from College of Lake County, Illinois, US. I have always strived to learn whatever I deeply felt attracted to like Hypnosis, Fire-Walk, Tabla (Indian Drums) Guitar and Music & Video recording, mixing and mastering. I am also Master Facilitator and Trainer at SHRM India. I am a Certified MBTI Professional from American Management Association, Chicago, and has been part of leadership & change programs for several organizations in India, and was a member of the panel of three on-site judges for HRM Awards Sri Lanka 2015, conducted by SHRM India. I am also a member of Phi-Theta-Kappa scholars organization in the US. I have more than 14 years of experience as Teacher, Music Therapist, Consultant, Facilitator & Professional Coach.”


Career Video on Clinical Music Therapy

In a video, Hemant Kanojia has talked about various aspects of a Career in Clinical Music Therapy. Hemant Kanojia started by explaining Clinical Music Therapy as: “Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Music therapy is one of the creative arts therapies, consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music and all of its facets-physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual to help clients improve their physical and mental health.” The video gave me so much food for thought.

We all know that only 10% of what is taught in Clinical Music Therapy is actually used in real life. The education section of the video clearly explained what is the 10% needed in Clinical Music Therapy. Hemant Kanojia touches upon these in the Education section of the Video:

  • Internships
  • Family Counselling
  • Different Mental Disorders
  • Knowledge of Music
  • History of Music Therapy

This Career demands specific Skills which only an experienced professional can lay out.
Hemant Kanojia then explains why these Skills are essential for a Career in Clinical Music Therapy:

  • Planning
  • Empathy
  • Sound Knowledge
  • Analytical Skills
  • Observation

It is important to get an understanding of the Positives of this Career.
Hemant Kanojia believes that the following are some of the Positives of a Career in Clinical Music Therapy:

  • Wide Scope
  • Satisfaction
  • Connecting with Self

Challenges define a Career as much as the Positives of the same.
And, Hemant Kanojia believes that one needs to prepare for following Challenges of a Career in Clinical Music Therapy:

  • Resources
  • Lack of Awareness

In the final section of the video Hemant Kanojia talks about How a day goes in a Career in Clinical Music Therapy. This video is by far the best video on a Career in Clinical Music Therapy, that I have ever come across. To see the full Talk, one needs to install the LifePage Career Talks App. Here is a direct deep link of the Video:


Career Counseling 2.0

After having learnt about a Career in Clinical Music Therapy I was curious about LifePage. Career Counseling has a new meaning with LifePage. LifePage is the world’s most evolved Career Platform. You can use LifePage to find your Career Objective. LifePage also offers the most comprehensive Career Planning process. You can use LifePage to explore more than a thousand Career Options. LifePage has the most exhaustive Career List. It is truly Career Counseling 2.0 I think LifePage is doing an amazing job of connecting real professionals with Career seekers. It is truly an amazing innovation in the area of Career Counseling. You can learn more about LifePage on:


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